Please contact the customer service if you meet our requirements or have any Inquire.

1.This event relies on Advantrade platform’s copy trade feature, it’s a program that recruiting top traders globally, users on our platform are allowed to copy Trader’s every trading operation by paid subscription, meanwhile, Traders can earn a certain amount of commission.

2.(Rewards) Included Virtual Funds, platform supports, and rebate from user’s subscriptions. Virtual Funds is according to Trader’s trading history, provide traders with $5000-50000 for trading purposes. Virtual Funds cannot be withdrawed, but traders can withdraw the profit that generated with Virtual Funds. Platform Supports refers to the free promotion for Traders to improve their exposure to users. Rebates from the subscription is based on the number of subscribers that the Trader gets. Trader can earn up to 50 % of the subscription fee. The rebate will settle monthly and allow to withdraw directly.

3.Trader’s requirement.

Original RequirementLimited Offer
DepositDeposit US$5000 or moreDeposit US$1000 or more
DurationTrading period reach 6 monthsTrading period reach 3 months
FrequencyCompleted trading 100 timesCompleted trading 20 times
DrawdownMaximum drawdown rate ≤20%Maximum drawdown rate ≤30%
ProfitAverage profit ≥20%Average profit ≥15%

4.This supporting program only limited to the first 100 applicants.

5.If you meet our time limited requirement, please contact our customer service to apply for Trader.

6.The right of final interpretation of the Terms of Service resides with Advantrade.